About us

Elevation Sales was founded in 2004 to facilitate the sales and distribution of film product. In 2007 the company was jointly acquired by Studiocanal and Lionsgate UK. In that time, Elevation Sales has seen dynamic growth, swiftly establishing itself as one of the UK’s Top 10 Home Entertainment film distributors. With an ever-expanding film and television library, including countless award winners, and a packed theatrical release slate, Elevation Sales continues to innovate, acquiring new labels and making for an exceptionally diverse output.


Here at Elevation, we are pleased to have partners in a diverse range of labels, and together, bring exciting content to the physical market.


We are proud to have in our catalogue an ever-growing selection of film and television’s most beloved and dynamic titles, and continue to share these with audiences. Amongst them you will find award-winning movies, all-time classics, iconic brands and much, much more…

Planet of Entertainment

Planet of Entertainment is our D2C website. An easy way for customers to browse our extensive catalogue and iconic brands. Frequently refreshed with market leading releases and thoughtfully curated Top Offers 

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Elevation distributes titles from brands and franchises that are recognised across the globe. It is a privilege to be able to provide such widely valued content from these brands time and time again.


Our films and TV shows can be found in many retailers, but you can also purchase them directly from us. Check out our online store at the link below.